Moving Seniors

in the Right Direction...


Senior Transition is a full service move management provider for older adults and their families, serving Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts including Cape Cod.

Our goal is to provide lifestyle assistance that helps seniors secure housing which meets their individual needs while also assisting them and their family during the actual move.

Bonded, Insured and Dedicated

Everyone on the Senior Transition team is dedicated to making the move to a new home a good experience for the senior. We are trained to meet the needs of the senior and their family, and we are Bonded and insured.

Planning to Move

Our initial meeting frequently involves the senior and members of their family. We conduct a personal needs assessment to help evaluate the best alternatives.

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Senior Transition services are provided by Pat Cusson, with thirty years experience in the health care management field. Pat's area of expertise is in the care of the elderly and their families. Senior Transition is well qualified to conduct physical and psychological assessments sensitive to the aging process.